Harvey F. Davis III




Georgia Statewide Voter Registration System Conversion

Orchestrated the conversion of Georgia's Statewide Voter Registration System, a custom green screen CICS Cobol application developed by the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) in 1995, containing with 5.7 million registered electors to ElectioNet a web-based JAVA vendor solution from PCC Technology Group.

Elections Supply Inventory System Conversion

Led the selection of a server based commercial off of the shelf (COTS) inventory solution to replace the legacy 3270 mainframe COBOL application to manage the elections supply warehouse operated by the GA Secretary of State. 

Policy Administration System Conversion

This  strategic effort that brought the outsourced policy administration system in-house from a third party administrator.  The TPA provided staff and their custom life policy system from their remote mainframe system developed in COBOL/IDMS-DC. The new system was then IBM’s LifePro Policy Administration System that ran on an NT server using Pervasive SQL. My department led the conversion effort that entailed collaboration between the TPA vendor and their programmers, the IBM implementation team and a number of Atlanta Life contact and fulltime programmers, and the VP of Operations at Atlanta Life.  There was also substantial customization of the LifePro application to suit the unique requirements of Atlanta Life “debit policies”. The eight-month conversion effort was extremely aggressive due to the certain expiration of the outsourcing agreement December 31, 1999. Execution of the conversion programs took place over the Christmas holiday. The effort also included replacement of 60 of the 3270 workstations in the Customer Service Center with PC’s running the LifePro application on Atlanta Life network for the new staff and a telephony upgrade.  Another significant part of the conversion was to implement new billing system print infrastructure, mail folding/sorting and postal systems to produce monthly statements for 600,000+ policyholders.  The system went live January 2, 2000 with minimal issues.

Y2K Conversion

Y2K Conversion – Arrived as the first Director of IT for Atlanta Life in December of 1998 to lead the strategic in sourcing of their policy administration system and lead their Y2K compliance effort. An outside consulting firm initially projected Y2K compliance by July of 1999. After a three month assessment I presented to the board of directors the “state of the union” and an action plan to meet compliance by December of 1999. I initiated a wholesale overhaul of the technology infrastructure.  Desktops were migrated from 486 clones running Windows 95 to Pentium based Windows NT stations.  The servers were migrated from to Novell 4.11 to NT Server.  The enterprise applications were migrated from DOS to Windows. Internet connectivity was upgraded from ISDN to T1, a Checkpoint firewall was implemented and Norton Corporate Antivirus was deployed to all workstations and servers. Telephony, HVAC, elevators and access control security systems were upgraded to compliant states. Brought in a team of consultants to conduct regression testing and certify all application systems, network facilities and telephony components were compliant.  During this same timeframe we were executing the policy administration system conversion which went live on January 2, 2000. There were no incidents related to Y2K.