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Are you a small business owner without the depth of an IT Department?
We provide consulting services for businesses including but not limited to comprehensive reviews of business security postures, supporting firms as a subject matter expert and sales support resource in their business development efforts, recommending security safeguards to counter security threats to the continuity of their business. This includes comprehensive technology services to businesses and individuals. Consulting services include disaster recovery/business continuity planning, strategic planning, project management, social media, RFP development/review, call center management, security systems and website development

Technology Assessment Express Package

You are a small to moderate sized business and you lack a fulltime technology resource. You bought a few computers, can print and have internet connectivity, but in the back of your mind you have doubts about your environment and potential data loss. 
We do express assessments to give you an idea of your exposures for data loss, malware/viruses and loss of essential systems.  This courtesy no obligation assessment for up to an hour’s consultation, and let you know your exposures, and business system continuity risks and address your pain points. You can then make an informed decision on whether you want us to help you navigate the landmines.
Bid Response Express Package
You are a small to moderate sized business responding to private or government sector bids without the benefit of a fulltime acquisision team working for you. Our business proposal writing and bid review services will bridge that gap and greatly improve your chances of winning contracts.  Contact us for our support of your next private of government sector proposal consulting today at support@harveydavis.com   
Our principal consultants have worked on the other side on a number of multi-million procurements, and understand the critical elements used in technical writing and proposal evaluations. We help businesses avoid the most costly mistakes during the RFP process and when bidding on contracts. 
The key to preparing an RFP response is a strong technical writing and proposal preparation strategy that beats the competition. This means knowing how to write a proposal with all of the requirements addressed in RFPs, understanding the entity’s underlying evaluation criteria, and showing a detailed understanding of the solicitation‘s requirement.  The choice is yours...

Consumer Portal

We provide PC computer desktop performance and security remediation services on site or remotely at competitive rates.  We also provide on site setup of new computers and data transfer, printers and networks.

Hacker in progress

Is your computer sluggish or acting strangely?

Did you know that...
A hacker of your PC is able to access online accounts in order to complete unauthorized transactions?
Did you know that...
A virus can “ransack” computers, permanently deleting critical files and folders?
Did you know that...
1 out of 20 e-mail messages can be infected with worm viruses?
How do you know your computer is secure?
The truth is you don't unless an expert checks it periodically.  We can help.
Best Practices
  • Depending on your environment computers should be serviced at least once per quarter, though monthly service is optimal. This will ensure your computers securely run at their peak performance.
  • Service is also important to ensure you are protected from viruses and "malware" which can compromise your computer and online banking transactions. Some viruses and other malware have symptoms noticeable to the computer user, but many are surreptitious or simply do nothing to call attention to themselves.
  • They can track keystrokes, steal passwords, use you computer as a zombie, even hold your PC hostage and a host of other malicious things without your knowledge.
  • Having antivirus software does not ensure you are protected and virus free. Just a click on a malicious link in an email or on a website can infect your PC. Only periodic professional scanning with a series of detection tools and cleaning can ensure that your PC is clean.
  • Wireless network setup, home network set up, PC/Printer installation services are also available. Prices are based on project scope and complexity.
Need help? Email us at support@harveydavis.com or
 call at (678) 390-0097 to start the conversation.


* Rates for consulting services such as project management, server/network/systems/email issues, strategic/business continuity planning and web development vary depending upon the requisite skillsets and scope of work.  As such these are quoted on a case by case basis and paid for in total using  "flat rate billing" checkout.  address>
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* Rates are for labor only. Maximum billing hours are negotiable and depends upon the severity of the issue.  Typically tune ups and viral cleansing take two to four hours.

Severe issues may require reinstallation of the operating system. Customer must have genuine software media licensed for that computer or purchase O/S software.  Reinstallations of the operating system may result in data loss unless the customer has previously backed up their data.  Reinstallation of utility software also requires genuine software media licensed for that computer.

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